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ni hao [Mar. 17th, 203412:20 pm]
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comment with a little something about yourself to be added yea! would wanna know about you who's reading! :)
no empty journals + selling journals too! (unless i know you)
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picture perfect memories (unlocked) [Oct. 15th, 201009:33 pm]
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finally/sadly, i've graduated :')

Friendships forged these 4yearsCollapse )

(no subject) [Sep. 16th, 201002:40 am]
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happy birthday brother :) words can't express (such a cliche line) how much you mean to me!!!! really........................

times with all your straightforward scoldings and remarks since young which at times do hurt me but i know it's for my own good and times where i know you're backing me up whenever mummy or daddy argues, times where you teach me how to scold or handle irritating boys, times where we sang with you on your guitar, times where you squeeze my face like im a puppy or something, times where you make me dance with you and causing me to fall on my butt, times where you make me laugh at your stupid dances and faces, times where we stare at each other and do the annoying face thingy we always do, times where we act like mummy and plead each other, times where you share with me what tattoo you wanna do, times where you make me jealous of how many pairs of shoes you have, times where you say you are proud of me proud of having a sister like me, times where you hug me when my eyes are filled with tears, times where you watch wwe with me, times where you introduce me to hxc music and i love it, times where you make me wear caps saying i look cool, times where i do the stupid slanted face on purpose and we will all go "aiseh scene kid fleaver kid sia", times where you take photos with me and put your arm around my shoulder, times where you annoy me the most when you dont talk to me because you're on your com doing thousands of things, times when i got so frustrated with you cuz you didn't help me in art, times when you ask me for my opinion on your dressing and asking"if you see me walking on the streets for the first time, what will you think of me?", times where we complete each other's sentences, times where you allow me to lie on your shoulder, times where you lie on my shoulder, times where i feel like you give your girlf more time than you give me (sigh typical laaaaaa), times when we keep doing the nathalia (wrestler) movement, times where you are just being a brother, a teacher and a friend to me :')

thank you korkor ♡
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